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Welcome to Delta Conversions, a part of Delta Components Ltd.

that is dedicated to the sale and distribution of new, spare and replacement parts for Nordelettronica in the UK and also our own line on power inverters.


nordelettronica-control-panel  swift-motorhome-control-panel  swift-caravan-control-panel  nordelettronica-battery-charger nord-electronica portable-power-technology portable-power-tech NE143 NE183 NE190 NE287 NE183-t56 NE183-T56 nordelettronica-NE143 nordelettronica-NE183 nordelettronica-NE190 nordelettronica-NE287 nordelettronica-NE183-t56 nordelettronica-NE183-T56 nordelettronica-NE183-M8 NE143-battery-charger NE183-control-panel NE190-control-panel NE287-battery-charger NE183-t56-control-panel NE183-T56-control-panel swift-motorhome-battery-charger  swift-caravan-battery-charger nordelettonica-fuse-board ne143rm NE143-RM NE143-P NE143p ne143mh NE143-MH nordelettronica-spare-parts nordelettronica-uk nordelettronica-repairs 



We keep stock of a variety of Nordelettronica products.

The Kit was designed as a group of Nordelettronica components that would work as a full system for anyone fitting power into a new van conversion.

Have a look at the kit in more detail by clicking on the POWER CONVERSION KIT option in the menu.


Next Day Delivery

Next day delivery from stock is available with DPD local.


We have various options for getting in touch and we will always get back to you as quick as possible.